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Updated Yellowcard 2015 U.S. Tour Schedule With New Found Glory
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Update 6/1/2015 Although Yellowcard just finished up their Spring tour schedule (details below) they do not plan to remain stagnant. They have already booked a joint U.S. Tour with New Found Glory. They will return to the road with a show on October 8th at the Livewire in Scottsdale, AZ & is scheduled to wrap with a concert in San Diego, CA at the House Of Blues on November 22nd. Concert additions are possible. However, the table below reflects an accurate concert schedule of major North American venue concert dates & Yellowcard concert tickets. The table scans for updates every time the page loads. So, be sure to bookmark us & check back often for changes.

New Found Glory will be promoting their 8th studio album "Resurrection" (tracklist below) [Buy Album], which was released in October of 2014. The album hit #3 on the U.S. Billboard Alternative Albums, #5 on the U.S. Billboard Independent Albums & #6 on the U.S. Billboard Rock Albums charts, while reaching #25 on the U.S. Billboard 200.

Update 1/28/2015 Yellowcard has added North American concert dates to their 2015 Spring tour schedule. Finch, The Downtown Fiction &/or OneOkRock will join them for various dates of the tour. The North American concerts will begin in Lawrence, KS at the Granada on April 6th. The N. American leg of the tour is subject to changes but is currently set to complete with a concert in Agoura Hills, CA at the Canyon Club on May 10th with Finch & The Downtown Fiction. The table below reflects an accurate N. American concert schedule, as of today. Be sure to bookmark us & check back often for updates.

During the tour Yellowcard will continue promoting their 9th studio album "Lift a Sail" (tracklist below) [Buy Album] which was released in October of last year. The album peaked at #4 on the U.S. Billboard Top Alternative Albums & #8 on the U.K. Rock & Metal Albums music charts.

Finch is promoting their September 2014 released 3rd studio album "Back to Oblivion" (tracklist below) [Buy Album]. Last year they toured with Weatherbox & Maps and Atlases to promote the album. The tour was titled the same as the album & finished up in November.

Special guest schedule confirmed here.

Tracklist for the "Resurrection" album is as follows:
[Buy the New Found Glory Resurrection Album]

1. "Selfless"
2. "Resurrection" (featuring Scott Vogel of Terror)
3. "The Worst Person"
4. "Ready & Willing"
5. "One More Round"
6. "Vicious Love"
7. "Persistent"
8. "Stories of a Different Kind"
9. "Degenerate"
10. "Angel"
11. "Stubborn" (featuring Anthony Raneri of Bayside)
12. "Living Hell"
13. "On My Own" (featuring Brendan Yates of Turnstile)

Tracklist for the "Lift a Sail" album is as follows:
[Buy the Yellowcard Lift a Sail Album]

1. "Convocation"
2. "Transmission Home"
3. "Crash the Gates"
4. "Make Me So"
5. "One Bedroom"
6. "Fragile and Dear"
7. "Illuminate"
8. "Madrid"
9. "The Deepest Well" (featuring Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire)
10. "Lift a Sail"
11. "MSK"
12. "My Mountain"
13. "California"

Japanese bonus track

14. "In Time"

Tracklist for the "Back to Oblivion" album is as follows:
[Buy the Finch Back to Oblivion Album]

1. "Back to Oblivion"
2. "Anywhere But Here"
3. "Further from the Few"
4. "Murder Me"
5. "Picasso Trigger"
6. "Play Dead"
7. "Two Guns to the Temple"
8. "The Great Divide"
9. "Us vs. Them"
10. "Tarot"
11. "Inferium"
12. "New Wave"

Japanese bonus tracks

13. "Keep the Kids Safe"
14. "Back to Oblivion" (acoustic)
15. "Picasso Trigger" (acoustic)
16. "Faster Now" (full band demo)

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